About Us

The Nigerian Center for Climate Renewal, Resilience, and Adaptation is a leading resource center and a non-profit organization with a focus on global climate change and its adverse impact on the environment in Nigeria, the greater Sahel, and the Lake Chad Region within the context of the emerging risks globally. Our core messages are:

  • “Climate Change is Real, There is NO PLANET B”
  •  “A Journey to a saner clime”
  • “Something HUGE is coming and must be averted”
  • “Take action today to save tomorrow”


Encouraging Green Action

The Center prioritizes issues relating to Sustainable Development and global climate change while driving the advocacy for increased awareness and main-streaming environmental sustainability through preservation and the provision of innovative climate smart solutions that strengthen the resilience and adaptive capabilities of communities in Nigeria and across Africa.

The Center implements its activities through research and capacity building programs to acquire and disseminate information as it relates to climate change, its impact and the emerging solutions for adaptation. The Center is also well positioned as a platform to observe, compile, store, analyze, and disseminate all climatological data and information within and outside of Nigeria. This will provide important data to help local and regional governments make critical planning decisions about climate action that will ultimately reverse the imminent threat posed by the continuous pollution of the environment and consequently aid the adaptive capabilities of people living in Africa.

The Nigerian Center for Climate Renewal, Resilience, and Adaption enables its partners to get a first-hand understanding of climate change issues in Nigeria and its contextual peculiarities in a practical setting in Africa. The Center further serves as a one stop hub for dependable and credible analytical data enabled by its strong partnerships with affiliates and leading local and international organizations.

Nigerian Center for Climate Renewal, Resilience, and Adaptation

Our values determine the way we operate as a center.

They serve as the bedrock of our shared beliefs and core principles, connecting us as individuals and groups and guiding us in attaining our goals.

We instill the values of commitment, compassion, trust, and integrity to satisfy connections with people.

We pursue our goals with tenacity and determination to make a positive impression in a harsh and changing environment.

Voice of the Voiceless
NICRA helps promote the voices of marginalized and vulnerable people actively affected by climate change-related issues and emphasizes achieving durable solutions.

Dependable Partnerships
We partner internally and externally to leverage shared knowledge and influence by facilitating and integrating multi-field talent.


Nigerian Center for Climate Renewal, Resilience, and Adaptation

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Since the climate issue is so critical, it is our responsibility to mobilize the human rights community and advocate for Amnesty on international and regional levels.